KSS Psychiatry

Thinking about specialist training options in the UK?

Ever considered psychiatry? If you have and you are resident in the UK then you may wish, among other options consider Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) deanery.

There are a number of reasons to choose KSS for your psychiatry training. As current trainees, we would like to tell you more about KSS psychiatry through this medium and hope that it helps your decision making process.


Training Posts in KSS Psychiatry

KSS Psychiatry currently offers higher trainees specialist training in the following specialties across Kent Surrey and Sussex counties:

  • General Adult Psychiatry
  • Old age psychiatry
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Substance Misuse Services

There are opportunities to acquire experience in a number of subspecialties such as Rehabilitation psychiatry, Eating Disorders, Neuropsychiatry or Liaison Psychiatry.


Calman Day

KSS Psychiatry have continued the tradition of hosting regular academic training aka Calman Day events, a forum for delivery of structured learning content to higher trainees in the Kent Surrey and Sussex scheme. This is a deanery accredited event which all higher trainees are expected to attend. There is no requirement for application for study leave. 




Welcome to our events page. Please follow the drop down link above under events for information regarding Academic "Calman" Day training events.

Trainees are encouraged to become involved in a number of deanery and non-deanery led events both within and outside KSS.

Over the last year the following are a list of events higher trainees have taken part in.


KSS Trusts

Psychiatry higher specialist training is spread across Kent Surrey and Sussex counties. Some trainees may prefer to remain within a given Trust all through their three years of higher training. However this is often subject to their preferences or available jobs. It is useful to consult with the training programme director from early on regarding preferences although this does not necessarily guarantee the trainee would get their first choice. 



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